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Cheerleading Skills Clinic: What It Is and Why Should Every Cheer Coach Should Hold One

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Sometimes I have okay ideas, but every once in a while I have a really great idea. That's exactly what
happened when I thought of holding a cheer skills clinic at our high school. It may not be a new concept to you and you may have been doing it for years (if you have I would love to hear from you), but it was a new initiative for us and it was successful enough that I wanted to share. Who knows maybe you will want to add a similar clinic to your annual lineup. 

Here's the general idea...

  • Hold a skills clinic for any interested athletes (no experience necessary)
  • Charge a small cover charge to add funds to your program
  • Invite some special guests to really spice things up
  • End the clinic with a mock tryout

Why a skills clinic?

  • Find new athletes.
  • Take time to dive deep into each skill and tips to help overall cheer performance.
  • Give athletes direct feedback and time to improve before tryouts.
  • See who is dedicated and always wants to improve.
  • Raise extra funds.
Who should be invited to the clinic?
  • We joined forces with our middle school coach to hold our skills clinic so it was offered to any interested students in our district from grades 6-11. (Athletes that will be trying out for spots on the middle school and high school teams.)
  • Focusing on a smaller group would be fine too, but we weren't sure what our turnout would look like and we wanted to make it worth our time. 

How to hold a skills clinic.

  • This article will walk you through everything you need to know to have a successful cheer skills clinic.

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What should I include in the skills clinic?
  • I spend a lot of time thinking about this part because after all, it is the most important. It is the reason they attend a clinic. Here is a list of everything that we covered at our clinic. I would love to hear if you have more ideas that you would cover.
I am thrilled that we decided to hold our first skills clinic and I'm already thinking of ideas for next year. 

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