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Practice Discipline: Three Strikes and You're Out

When you have a group of spirited cheerleaders it is easy to lose control. Fortunately, in most cases, the cheerleaders want to do well and be respected for their hard work. Therefore, if you have a strong discipline system in place from the beginning it will help keep everyone focused and avoid constant redirection. I want each cheerleader to love what they are doing and that includes enjoying their time at practice. However, if you're constantly redirecting a cheerleader due to behavior and lack of focus, it becomes a distraction to the entire team. It's unfair to everyone to not have a discipline policy in place. Over the years I've tried many different disciplinary actions, but I've found one system to be rock solid (with a little modification for each team's individual needs.) It's called the "three strikes and you're out" system. Original, right? Maybe not, but it works. Here's the idea... Strike One: Drop and give me 10! Okay,

Cheerleading Tryout Survival Checklist

This is a simple list of what you will need to survive cheerleading tryouts. It's not easy to put yourself out there during tryouts, but being prepared will help. If you’re looking for more details or other helpful hints, read our post titled Cheerleading Tryout Tips. Or, if you're a coach looking for a checklist of your own, be sure to read our coach's survival checklist for tryouts. This article may contain affiliate links. Basically, if you click a link (especially if you purchase the item from Amazon after clicking the link), I may receive a small commission. Have no fear, I only recommend products that I have or would purchase myself. I appreciate any support, thank you! School requirements If you have paperwork or other school/team requirements, be sure to bring them with you to tryouts. Appearance Your overall look should be very clean and simple. Each school has different requirements for clothing so it is very important that you know your coach’s expectations

Want to Coach Cheerleading? Four Questions to Ask Yourself First.

So, you're considering being cheerleading coach? It's an exciting opportunity when you get a chance to mentor cheerleaders, but have you considered all of the factors that go into coaching cheerleading? Maybe you've never coached before, so you're not fully aware of what factors to consider. It is so important for cheerleaders to have coaches and mentors, but you must first be real with yourself and ask yourself a few questions and be completely honest with your answers . Based on my experience, here's a set of questions that will help walk you through your decision.   Warning: No sugar-coating here, per usual I'm going to be real. 1. Do I love kids? (Specifically, the age group that you will coach.) This question may seem like a no-brainer, but it's an important one to ask. If you've never spent an extended amount of time with other people's children, consider putting in some volunteer or charity hours with that age group before you decide to