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Cheerleading Skills Clinic: Agenda and Basic Topics to Cover

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Why do some of the most basic skills get placed on a shelf sometimes? A question every coach asks and
often is a source of frustration when you have to circle back around to things that should be second nature to most cheerleaders by the time they're in high school,

Regardless, going over the basic skills is still a necessity at any level. Plus, have you ever found yourself in the midst of the season realizing that you wished you had more time to go over the small details that your cheerleaders can work on at home to improve on their own?  

If you've been reading about our cheerleading skills clinic or how to get started, you might be realizing that a pre-season clinic can do lots of things from attracting new talent to diving deeper into the skills that make a good all-around cheerleader. 

Here are the subjects that we covered in our cheerleading skills clinic. You can use this as a starting point to set up your clinic agenda. Remember to check our site regularly because we will be adding tutorials, exercises, and drills that will help you train your athletes in each of these areas. 

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  • Proper warm-up techniques and why they’re important

  • Best warm-up exercises for cheerleading

Dynamic Stretching

  • What is dynamic stretching

  • Why it’s better than static stretching before an activity

  • Dynamic stretches for cheerleading

Core Strength

  • The value of core strength

  • Why you need to improve it for cheer

  • How to improve core strength


  • The biomechanics of jumps

  • How to increase your vertical jump

  • How to strengthen your foot and ankle to prevent injury

  • How to properly point your toe

  • How to hyperextend your jumps


  • Posture

  • Arm strength

  • Arm placement

  • Arm, shoulder and back flexibility


  • Basic tumbling

  • Tumbling exercises

Cheer Memorization

Voice training

Static Stretching

As I mentioned earlier, this is a very basic agenda. Soon we will be taking on each of these sections individually and providing you with the exercises, drills, tips, and tricks that we used to train our athletes during our skills clinic.

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