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Why I Love to Coach Cheerleading

Two simple phrases can easily explain why I love to coach cheerleading... I love working with youth! I love cheerleading! It's really that simple if you look at it broadly. A lot of people would agree that spending your spare time with a bunch of loud, energetic, and sometimes difficult to control cheerleaders would not be relaxing... not me! I leave most practices feeling energized and relaxed. I love sharing my passion for cheerleading with others and teaching them to improve upon their current skills. A great bonus is the energy that the cheerleaders bring to practices, games, and competitions. Finally, there is nothing better than seeing the pride and accomplishment on the faces of your cheerleaders when they perform! It is the absolute best! When cheerleaders spend so much time working towards a goal, nothing is better than seeing them succeed! Keep shinin' and keep smilin', Sisters! Are you a coach? If so, comment below and share what you love about