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Free Demerit Record Download

If you've read about my demerit discipline system and would like to give it a try, you're in luck! I've included this downloadable document as a free resource for my readers! Just click the document below to begin the download process!  As always, keep shinin' and keep smilin', Sisters! Looking for cheerleading tips or want new ideas sent directly to your inbox? Subscribe to our email list and see the posts first. Prefer to wait until others are talking about it? Follow our pages on social media and join the conversation.

Practice Discipline: Demerit System

This post is a new addition following my previous discipline system post. You may have read my post about the three strike discipline system, if not, you can read it here . I fully believe that the three strikes discipline system is effective, however, you must also consider the age group of those you're coaching. I used the three strikes discipline system as a youth coach and it worked perfectly during that time. However, as a high school coach, sometimes we need to spell things out a bit more. High school cheerleaders are in that strange stage between being a child and a young adult. They want to be treated like adults, but they're not always ready for the consequences associated with adulthood. Therefore, I created a demerit system for discipline. A primary reason that I created it is because I pride myself on being fair. I will not have favorites and I will treat everyone the same. Unfortunately, some cheerleaders have to receive demerits before they understand that I will

15 Things Every Cheer Coach Says

Okay, we're guilty! Cheer coaches are known for saying a lot of the same things over and over again. Of course, it is only to continually teach and perfect the routines and cheers, but we have a lot to say. In fact, when I first decided to write this article it was titled "10 Things Every Cheer Coach Says", but I had a very hard time narrowing it down so I decided to keep 15. I'm sure most of you will be nodding your head and smiling as you read down the list. Let's get started! 1. "5-6-7-8" or "1-3-5-7": What cheer coach doesn't yell 8 counts in their sleep?! 2. "One more time": We all know this doesn't mean one more time. Ha! This almost never means one more time. It just means, "you're getting closer, so I will keep saying 'one more time' until I like it a little more." My cheerleaders are well aware that it is never the last time the first time I say, "one more time". 3. "SMILE