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15 Things Every Cheer Coach Says

Okay, we're guilty! Cheer coaches are known for saying a lot of the same things over and over again. Of course, it is only to continually teach and perfect the routines and cheers, but we have a lot to say. In fact, when I first decided to write this article it was titled "10 Things Every Cheer Coach Says", but I had a very hard time narrowing it down so I decided to keep 15. I'm sure most of you will be nodding your head and smiling as you read down the list.

Let's get started!

1. "5-6-7-8" or "1-3-5-7": What cheer coach doesn't yell 8 counts in their sleep?!

2. "One more time": We all know this doesn't mean one more time. Ha! This almost never means one more time. It just means, "you're getting closer, so I will keep saying 'one more time' until I like it a little more." My cheerleaders are well aware that it is never the last time the first time I say, "one more time".

3. "SMILE!": This probably goes without saying, but even the best of cheerleaders lose their smile. If you're a cheerleader reading this, it is some of the best advice that I can give you, especially during tryouts. Luckily, their coach is always there to remind them over and over again.

4. "Point your toes": Nothing ruins a beautiful jump more than ugly form. I don't know about you, but I'm constantly reminding cheerleaders to point their toes and hit their motions in their jumps. When it all comes together it's a beautiful thing, but it's so disappointing to see a fantastic jump cut short by blunt feet.

5. "Hit! Hit! Hit!": I'm not sure why saying this helps, but I'm telling you, it does! I think it helps the cheerleaders' timing or just causes them to focus more on hitting their jumps (can also work for motions or tumbling.)

6. "Be sharp!" or "Stay Tight!": Sloppy arms can ruin the best cheers and cheerleaders. Reminders to be sharp are constantly flying out of my mouth. I've seen some of the best cheerleaders have low tryout scores and bad feedback for sloppy motions. It's a huge disappointment when you see their full potential as a coach.

7. "Facials" or "Your face": I yell for facials just as much at practice as I do during a performance. It is SO important to practice your facials right along with your motions. I've seen many girls try to throw in a random facial at a performance and completely mess up their routine because they hadn't practiced their facials. Don't be the cheerleader that flops the routine because you decided to add some sass that should have been added a long time ago.

8. "Put your hair up/take off that jewelry": It's basic, but I think I have to say it at almost every practice. Any other coaches have this problem? It's so irritating to remind cheerleaders of something so basic. This should be a strike or a demerit every. single. time. I once picked a different captain almost solely on the fact that I kept having to discipline the other girl for wearing jewelry to practice. As for hair, how can you be considered an athlete if you have your hair down? Name one other sport in which girls keep their hair down during athletic performance.

9. "Watch your spacing": I call them creepers or joke around with them and call them little creeps. Ha! They're the girls that creep out of their spot to talk, or just wander and not realize it. Which takes me to the next saying...

10. "Get in your windows": When I coached a youth program I would laugh at the beginning of each season when I would first tell new cheerleaders to get in 'their window'. They have no idea what I'm talking about, but once I explain, they never forget because it's one of the things I say the most (more so when I was coaching youth.) More experienced cheerleaders normally just need little reminders with this one.

11. "If you feel dumb, you're doing it right": Cheerleaders always laugh when I say this, but it's so true! Many things that feel dumb when you're doing them, look great to the crowd (facials and spirit are a couple of quick examples.)

12. "What?", "I can't hear you!" or "Louder!": Can cheerleaders ever be loud enough for their coach? I'm not really sure. It's one of the great questions like, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it make a noise? Perhaps we will never know the answer, but cheerleaders, be loud!

13. "Head up, chest up!": Jumps, jumps, and more jumps. If your coach hasn't reminded you to keep your head and chest up, congratulations, you must have amazing jumps! Just like a ballerina, posture means everything in your jumps. Always remember to keep your head and chest up. It will make your jumps look effortless!

14. "You've got to warm up!": Cheerleaders love to show up to practice or a game and get straight to work (or fun mostly.) However, as a coach I take warm up time very seriously. Never go directly into static stretching, cheering, jumping, tumbling, or dancing before properly warming up. Injuries are no fun and if we can prevent them, we will.

15. "LISTEN UP!": Cheerleaders love to talk and be social, it's in our DNA. If you don't love to talk yet, give yourself some time. :) However, it's important to be respectful and listen when someone else is talking, whether it's a coach or another cheerleader. A good discipline system helps with this a lot. Check out my articles on demerits or strikes for some ideas that work!

If you're a cheerleader, I hope you've enjoyed this list and it reminded you of some of your coaches. 

If you're a coach, I have no doubt that you've said most or all of the quotes on this list. Keep it up ladies, you're doing great!

Keep shinin' and keep smilin', Sisters!

Can you think of quotes that I forgot? 
Coaches, do you have a favorite that wasn't mentioned? 
Cheerleaders, do you hear something way too often? 
Please comment below, I'd love to hear it!

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15 Things Every Cheer Coach Says