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About me, The Cheer Coach

As a former cheerleader, I have a love for cheerleading and enjoy teaching it to the younger generation. I first started coaching in the fall of 2013 and each year I learn a little more about cheerleading and even more about coaching. I believe to be successful you have to put your heart and soul into what you love and never stop learning. I don't claim to know everything about cheerleading, but I do love to share what I have learned. Over the years I've discovered that the most important things about coaching have nothing to do with arm motions and sharp voices. They have everything to do with respect, responsibility, teamwork, and sportsmanship. I spend a lot of time teaching cheerleaders to respect themselves and others. Trust me, they get tired of my Aretha Franklin impression! Seriously though, I do expect a lot out of my cheerleaders, but it is only because I know what each of them are capable of and I want to see them reach their full potential. I've seen amazing growth in individuals and it warms my heart to see the confidence they have today. Keep shinin' and keep smilin' sisters! Read more about me here.